Queenstown Change Store


NEW! Old El Paso Kits
Beef Chuck Steak
$20.00 per kg
Beef Bones Dog
$3.95 per kg
Beef Bolar Roast
$20.00 per kg
Beef Blade Casserole Steak
$22.00 per kg
Beak & Sons Smoky Maple Pork Belly 600g
$18.00 each
Beak & Sons Slow Cooked Meat Pork In Apple BBQ Sauce 600g
$18.00 each
Beak & Sons Meal Honey Mustard Pork Casserole 600g
$12.00 each
Beak & Sons Meal Beef Curry 600g
$12.00 each
Beak & Sons Meal Beef & Ale Casserole 600g
$12.00 each
Beak & Sons Craft Beer
$19.00 per kg
Beak & Son Hickory BBQ Pork Ribs
was $19.00 $17.60 per kg
Beak & Son Chinese BBQ Pork Ribs
$19.00 per kg
Alternative Meat Co. Sausages The Alternative 350g
$12.00 each
Al Brown Prime Angus Beef Burgers 6 Pack
$12.50 each
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Kia Ora Aotearoa, Following the Prime Minister’s Covid-19 announcement on Saturday 27th February, all of our deliveries will now be contactless. If you are visting any of our stores, please ensure you use follow good hygience practices, maintain physical distancing and scan in with the Covid-19 app. Thanks for your understanding and support. For up to date information head to our COVID-19 updates page on the FreshChoice.co.nz website.