Fruit & Vegetables

Southern Alps Sprouts Mung Bean 200g
$2.99 each
Butternut Pumpkin
$5.49 each
Meadow Mushrooms White Button 200g
$5.99 each
Tomatoes Cherry Sunburst 200g
$9.29 each
Capsicum Yellow
$5.99 each
Courgettes (​Approx. 6 units per kg)
$21.99 per kg
Limes (​Approx.​12 units per kg)
$9.89 per kg
Onions Country Fresh Brown 1.​2kg
was $3.69 $2.90 each
Pak Choy
$3.99 each
Red Peeled Onion 3 Pack
$4.99 each
Fresh Superb Herb Coriander
$3.99 each
Meadow Mushrooms Portabello 200g
$5.99 each
Summer Harvest Peas Chilli & Garlic 250g
$3.99 each $2.00 per 100g
Taylor Farms Salad Spinach 120g
$5.29 each
Taylor Farms Salad Value Family Mix 300g
$6.29 each
Whole NZ Celery
$5.79 each
Carrots Bag 1.​5kg
$3.29 each
Hunt Farm Salad Mesclun 150g
$5.29 each $3.53 per 100g
Parsnips Southland Sweetness 500g
$2.99 each
Potatoes Country Fresh White 4kg
was $9.99 $8.00 each
Apples Braeburn/​Mariri red (​Approx. 6 units per kg)
$4.99 per kg
Brussel Sprouts
$8.99 per kg
$6.49 each
Fresh Nz Herbs 100g
$4.49 per kg
Garlic Chinese 500g
$5.89 each
Kumara Red (​Approx. 4 units per kg)
$5.99 per kg
Pumpkin Crown Cut
$1.89 per kg
Tasman Bay Herbs Punnet Coriander
$3.99 each
Capsicum Green
$5.99 each
Celery Whole
$5.79 each
Mushrooms Chefs Choice 200g
$5.99 each
Nature's Pick Parsley Bunch
$3.89 each
Potatoes Loose Washed Red (​Approx. 4 units per kg)
$2.99 per kg
Potatoes Vivaldi Gold 2kg
$6.99 each
Southern Alps Sprouts Alfalfa 120g
$3.49 each
Summer Harvest Corn Chips Chilli & Lime 200g
$3.50 each
$4.99 per kg
Big Nuts Raw Mixed Nuts 300g
$10.99 each
Big Nuts Roasted Salted Peanuts 200g
$2.99 each
Big Nuts Trail Mix 250g
$5.99 each
Cebu Dried Mango Slices 100g
$3.99 each $3.99 per 100g
Farmer Bills Baby Carrots 300g
$4.99 each
Fresh Superb Herb Basil
$3.99 each
Garden Fresh Spinach 120g
$5.29 each
Garden Fresh Spring Salad Mix 120g
$5.29 each
Gourmet Garden Lightly Dried Coriander 8g
$4.99 each
Hunt Farm Salad Rocket Bag 150g
$5.29 each $3.53 per 100g
Just Foods Crushed Garlic Ginger Mix 380g
$4.99 each
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